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BackHauler PMOD - USB PMOD Host

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The BackHauler PMOD is a USB connected Digilent PMOD compatible host socket for a desktop computer. This tiny board contains a Silicon Labs C8051F387 microcontroller with firmware for a configurable interface to PMOD peripherals using SPI, discrete I/O, I2C, or UART connectivity. Open source hardware and software follow development models presented by Silicon Labs and includes a familiar .NET solution. Thereby, this board opens an opportunity for .NET developers to immediately work with any device mounted on a PMOD, without requiring assimilation of an unfamiliar vendor-specific environment. Several major semiconductor manufacturers now also use the PMOD format to provide development boards, opening a world of potential for rapid hardware solutions for .NET developers. Finally, a PMOD compatible terminal module is provided with each BackHauler PMOD to allow direct connection of discrete wires. The possibilities are endless!

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