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PMOD MRAM Nonvolatile Memory

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This Digilent PMOD compatible peripheral module allows ready access to an Everspin MR25H10 MRAM chip, providing 1Mbit (128k bytes) of nonvolatile memory with a high speed SPI serial interface. This chip features magnetoresistive memory technology, providing zero write latency random read/write access like a traditional static random access memory (RAM) along with the long term nonvolatile data retention of an EEPROM or flash device. The interface protocol is virtually identical to protocols associated with similarly packaged SPI flash devices and would generally be directly compatible with software written for those devices. However, the concepts of sector or device erase and wait times or status polling required for any write activity simply do not apply here as each byte is randomly writeable with zero latency regardless of its prior state and can be written an unlimited number of times. The capacity available from these parts is smaller than similar flash memories, and the cost is quite a bit higher; but, these components offer a valuable alternative where write performance is important and endurance limits are not tolerable but nonvolatile features are still required in a small footprint. This module is typically used to evaluate the underlying component, and/or the technology in general, in an embedded computing prototype environment.

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