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Opto 22 G4 Rack With CAN Bus And RS-232 Serial Connectivity

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The CANIO12 is a modular I/O board (also known as a rack) with CAN bus and RS-232 serial connectivity. This simple, robust, and highly configurable board holds up to twelve (12) industrial grade, isolated, pluggable I/O modules available from multiple manufacturers, including the popular Opto 22 G4 series. The primary feature of the implementation is the ability to manage the I/O modules from a controller area network (CAN) bus. Simpler systems can also manage the I/O modules from an RS-232 serial port. Available power supply options and user configurable grounding and isolation make the CANIO12 compatible with a wide variety of demanding application environments. The assembly is designed to be mounted to industry standard 35mm DIN rail or directly to a panel using screw mount clips.

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