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CAN Bus Cable With DB9F And RJ45

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Connecting devices to a controller area network (CAN) bus using modular cables is fast and reliable. Allied Component Works has adopted this standard for CAN connected industrial I/O components. However, many systems also use a 9-pin DSUB connector standard. These cables adapt between the two standards, with a 9-pin female DSUB connector on one end and an RJ45 plug on the other end. Connections are unique to CAN bus applications. The cables are assembled using high quality CAT5e cables from Phoenix Contact and a Santoprene overmolded DSUB connector with integral thumb screws. Two lengths are available - one for use as a short adapter between standards and the other being more typical of a complete network segment. These cables are custom assembled for Allied Component Works.

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  Drawing (INT-7785 - 1 Meter)
  Drawing (INT-7589 - 10 Centimeters)