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Welcome To The Allied Component Works Product Showcase

Allied Component Works is a partnership of several small electronics design and manufacturing companies in suburban Maryland, applying our collective long history of strength in providing high quality technical services to developing high quality microelectronic components and subsystems. We are familiar with solving thorny engineering and manufacturing problems for our customers and desire to further support those same customers with unique design options. These products are intended to be enabling by design, saving the system engineer significant time and headaches by solving problems not well served by other available solutions.

This "store" is also our product showcase. These are modular component products that serve the design engineer and system engineer with well executed solutions to niche problems while offering our core product values of low complexity, low cost, and high value. They also generally expand on familiar and widely available base products and standards, enabling rapid and robust solution implementations.

As needs are identified and details refined, we will develop and add to groups of related products we call Solution Threads. We hope you will find a solution you need here someday, or maybe even contact us about developing one. Above all we will strive to introduce products which are highly useful, inherently complete, and immediately applicable. We invite you to check in with us often as we build our business and our customer's success.